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Various types of Dance forms in India

India is a melting pot of cultures, whose dances range from folk to the classical. All the Indian dances, both folk and classical vary according to their region of origin and have a distinct style from the steps to the kind of costumes worn. The dance also makes the use of 'Natya' or acting to portray a story. Many of the dances are based on religious mythologies. India is a host for more than 50 types of folk dances and 8 distinct classical dances.

Folk Dance

Folk dance is often associated with villagers and their day-today lives. Folk dance and music depicts happiness, joy and sorrow in the simplest way possible. The dance is easy to learn, the lyrics easy to comprehend. Very rarely, can one find people performing or even learning folk dances in cities or even smaller towns.

Classical Dance

Each region in India has its own classical dance culture. One has to undergo rigorous training to properly learn the classical dance form, unlike the folk dances. One can find students as young as 4 years of age learning classical dances. Though it is solely for flexibility reasons, one can always learn the dances at a later stage, provided the person has a flexible body. This is an essential requirement to render the dance graceful. Indian schools, colleges and institutes offering courses in different types of dance forms

Banaras Hindu University - Varanasi - Diploma in Bharathanatyam and kathak
Rabindra Bharati University - Calcutta - B.A Hons in Dance and M.A in dance
University of Calicut - Kozhikode - B.A Fine Arts (Bharathanatyam and kathakali)
University of Mumbai - Mumbai - BFA (Dance) and MFA (Dance) in bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, kathakali
Visva Bharati - Sangita Bhavana - B.Mus in Manipuri and kathakali
Certificate and Diploma in Manipuri/Kathakali
Tilak Maharastra Vidyapeeth - Pune - Diploma in Indian classical dance and BA in Indian classical dance

Finding dance classes in your neighbourhood

For those who wish to learn dance as a hobby rather than a career, the best option would be to find a local dance tutor. ThinkVidya's abundant information on local tutors can help prospective students find the right dance teacher.

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